Last Year, I Got Robbed At The Beach. This Year, I Packed FlexSafe

Published on Friday, 7th November 2021

Flex Safe and Beach

Every year, my family spends one week in June at the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

The tradition started when I was in high school.

Back then, it meant a week of precisely zero responsibility.

My parents handled everything — the cooking, grilling, shopping, and packing. All I had to do was show up, throw on a bikini, and reapply sunscreen.

When I became a parent, all of that changed.

Suddenly, all my time was spent back at the tent guarding purses, bags, and phones, gazing longingly at my family playing in the ocean.

There were no more romance novels. No more taking naps on a beach towel.
My husband got the fun job of taking our two- and five-year-old into the water, while I was forced to stay posted at the tent.

Finally, I saw FlexSafe on Shark Tank — the portable, easy way to safeguard your belongings while traveling.

FlexSafe watches over my family valuables — phones, passports, wallets, and car keys — so I can divert my attention to the two priceless things in life.

My kids.

I Bought FlexSafe to Get Our Family Vacations Back

Flex Safe for family

FlexSafe is the portable safe that protects your valuables on vacation. And I wish I bought it a year earlier.

Last year on our annual beach trip, I stepped away from my Mama Guard post at our tent, taking my two kids to play in the ocean.

I left everything unguarded — phones, wallets, and keys — back on the sand.

My first thought was, “Everything will be fine.”

The majority of people on the beach were families, anyway — what was the worst that could happen?

I tossed a beach towel over my iPhone and wallet, and hurried off toward the water.

I was so, so wrong.

When we returned to the tent, my phone and wallet were gone. At first, I thought I just misplaced them.

Did I leave them back at our Airbnb? Did I stuff them in my shoe (my other common mom hideaway)?

I dug a toddler-sized hole in the sand thinking maybe they were there.

As the minutes ticked by, I knew what happened: My phone and wallet were stolen, all because I wanted to play with my kids.

And that’s when I knew: No mom should have to choose between keeping her family valuables safe on vacation, and actually enjoying her vacation.

FlexSafe Could Have Protected Me From a Very Preventable Situation

Flex Safe protected me

Before I continue, I want everyone reading to understand this: My phone and wallet are replaceable. My kids are not.

The situation could have been far, far worse. I don’t carry cash. I froze my credit and debit cards the minute I returned to our Airbnb. My phone was insured.

The two items taken did not cause lasting damage.

What I truly felt robbed of was a peaceful week with my family.

The second my phone and wallet were snatched, I was no longer on vacation. I was on watch duty.

With my family down to one wallet and one cellphone (my husband’s), I felt as though I couldn’t leave the tent for fear everything would be taken.

Honestly, I would have felt more safe and secure in my own home.
And that is not the way you want to feel when you’re “relaxing” on the beach.

How FlexSafe Keeps Your Valuables (and Family) Safe on Vacation

Flex Safe keep your valuables

When I packed for the Outer Banks this year, FlexSafe was the first thing I tossed into my suitcase.

FlexSafe is the portable safe that travels wherever you travel.

Flex Safe is portable and safe

Shockingly durable and made with five (five!) layers of fabric, it latches on to any sturdy surface. FlexSafe locks to any object, from our tent on the beach to your lounge chair, umbrella, stroller, wheelchair, or even a golf cart.

FlexSafe works by keeping your keys, wallet, phone, ID, and passport safe from thieves. Once your valuables are safely stored inside, simply secure the safe and set the three-digit combination lock.

FlexSafe is ultra slash-resistant, so knives can’t cut through the thick material. Plus, the nickel alloy lock is nearly impossible to combust — so “smashing it open” won’t work (trust me, my husband I both tried).

Lastly, FlexSafe keeps your identity safe with RFID blocking technology, so no one can scan your credit or debit card information.

FlexSafe is Designed to Travel With You

Flex Safe is designed to travel

No matter how your family does vacation, FlexSafe is designed to travel with you:

Flex Safe is best while traveling

A day by the pool: FlexSafe’s water-resistant design makes it perfect for any day at the beach. When we’re not at the Outer Banks, I take FlexSafe to my kid’s swimming lessons or days spent by the pool.

Flex Safe is easy to carry

An outdoors adventure: If your family loves the great outdoors, no problem — FlexSafe’s felt loops, hooks, and carry handles make it easy to fix FlexSafe to mountain bikes, ATVs, or even your golf cart.

Flex Safe is very useful
Flex Safe helps alot on my vacations

Vacations are intended to be an escape. But when my phone and wallet were stolen, any rejuvenation I expected from our family trip was completely stripped away.

But with FlexSafe, I got it back.

With FlexSafe, I no longer merely watch my family have fun on vacation.

I’m right there with them — salt water, sand, and all — building memories with my husband and two kids.

I know that all of our valuables are safe inside of our FlexSafe.

FlexSafe safe inside

Now, I take FlexSafe with us everywhere. Sporting events, golf outings, and day trips are far much more enjoyable when you’re free to enjoy the day.

Plus, FlexSafe helps me be a better mom. When we’re at the beach, 100% of my attention is directed at my kids. I no longer have to split my attention between our valuables and what’s actually valuable — which is my two children.

Try FlexSafe Risk-Free For 30-Days

try FlexSafe

Now, you can try FlexSafe risk-free for 30 days. If you aren’t completely in love with it, simply return it for a full refund.

Plus, right now you can purchase two FlexSafes, and get the third 75% off. Both my husband and I carry a FlexSafe on vacation, helping us conceal all of our valuable possessions.

If you want to return from vacation feeling refreshed and relaxed, you need to experience peace of mind while on that vacation. Stop wasting family-time feeling worried or stressed out, and start participating in these family memories.

I can’t believe it’s been a full year since my wallet and phone were taken at the beach.

The faster time travels, it only reminds me how precious time with my family is. And I, for one, plan on spending as much time as I can with my kids.

I want my attention to be fixated on my family, not on phones and wallets. If you want to stop missing out on your family vacations, try FlexSafe today.

Get FlexSafe

Flex Safe is best while traveling

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

An (actually) relaxing getaway: you prefer a day at the spa or serene mornings on your hotel balcony, FlexSafe ensures a truly peaceful getaway. Simply latch your FlexSafe onto a closet rod to keep your valuables safe, giving you complete peace of mind while on vacation.

FlexSafe is both lightweight and flexible.

You can easily store it in your suitcase, purse, or carry-on. Since it’s made primarily of fabric — not metal — there’s no need to check a bag while carrying FlexSafe on an airplane.

FlexSafe Gave Me My Vacations Back