An Effective Formula That Gets Rid of Cracked Heels and Calluses in a Gross yet Satisfying Way

Published on Friday, 29th October 2022

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If you feel embarrassed by the sight of dry, cracked skin on your feet, so much so that you avoid showing off your feet, then this pain-free and affordable DIY solution is exactly what you need to achieve “baby soft” feet in just a matter of days.

But before I get into how this solution works and how you can use it for yourself, here is something you probably don’t know about cracked heels.

Cracked heels can happen for a number of reasons. Some of them include:

 Lack of moisture – because the skin around your heels has a relatively small number of sweat glands and also lacks elasticity, so it can often become dry, rough, and chapped.

 Open footwear – which can allow fat under your heels to expand sideways thereby increasing the possibility of cracks.

 Pressure – when you spend a long time standing at work or at home which can stress the skin on your heels.

 Aging skin – when thick, dry, scaly skin loses its elasticity with age.

 Obesity – where being overweight can increase the pressure on the fat pad under your heels, thereby resulting in cracked heels.

 Genetics – where you’re genetically predisposed to dry or thick skin around the heel, which can, in turn, lead to cracked heels.

But of all the causes listed above, lack of moisture or dry skin is the major culprit when it comes to cracked heels.

And initially, these cracked heels may only appear like a visual problem, but if left untreated, can begin to result in pain when you walk.

Then in more advanced stages, these cracked heels can feel itchy, painful, and also begin to bleed from pressure.

So if you’re yet to pay attention to those cracked heels, you might want to start doing that by engaging in proper foot care.

Now there are several foot care routines out there that can help with cracked heels but most of them are either expensive or painful.

Pedicure, for instance, is a great way to take care of your feet but asides from being time-consuming, it is also very expensive, considering you have to do it regularly if you want to keep your feet in top shape.

There’s also the use of pumice stone, a light-yet-abrasive stone used to remove dry, dead skin.

While it’s true that pumice stone is an effective remedy for cracked heels and calluses, it’s also true that if not used carefully, can remove too much skin, cause bleeding, and increase your risk of infection.

Similarly, if you have sensitive foot skin, you may not be able to use a pumice stone because you may experience irritation or pain when using it.

Now, if you would love to get rid of those cracked heels and calluses, here’s some great news for you.

You don’t have to break a bank or go through so much pain to achieve baby soft foot skin because we have a solution that suits both your budget and your comfort.

I’m talking about Melzu Foot Peel Masks – a top-of-the-line (yet very affordable) product that peels off the dead skin on your feet and reveals baby soft skin underneath in as little as a few days.

All you have to do is pop these masks on, go about your day, or go to sleep if you wish and the natural ingredients in the foot masks will do all the job for you.

Here’s how.

After a few days, those dry, rough, discolored foot skin will begin to peel on their own, revealing the fresh, baby soft, nice smelling skin underneath.

And the best part is that you will be able to peel the dead skin away yourself, which is in equal parts gross, fascinating, and very satisfying.

So basically, the Melzu foot peel mask:

  • Exfoliates your foot skin
  • Hydrates it (say goodbye to dry skin) – deep moisturization
  • removes cracked heels and calluses
  • Deals with bad odors
  • Removes gross, bad skin like a snake shedding its dead skin and bringing forth a new one.

One thing that’s for sure is you’ll come out with soft, smooth feet that you’d be happy to show off during summer as well as during a Netflix, romantic evening with your partner.

With Melzu foot peel masks, there’s absolutely no need for “cheese grater” style solutions or expensive beauty routines to achieve baby soft foot skin because the foot peel masks are affordable, easy to use, and suitable for various skin types.

So if you live a very active lifestyle during summer where you engage in outdoor sports more regularly, visit the beach often, or go for walks all while wearing sandals, you can rejuvenate your tired feet, hydrate them, and exfoliate your foot skin by popping on those plastic booties and letting them put your feet back in a tiptop shape.

If you’re also the type that neglects your feet during winter, you might want to consider the upcoming summer season, when you will have to show a bit more skin and I’m sure you wouldn’t want your feet looking all leathery, with cracked heels and calluses.

For such periods, you would not need to go for a pedicure which feels like too much of an effort when you have Melzu foot peel masks within your reach.

Simply pop the masks on, take them off and experience healthy, beautiful foot skin underneath those layers.

And if you’re dealing with a terrible foot odor, Melzu foot masks help to remove such odors and leaves your feet smelling nice.

Similarly, if you have sensitive foot skin, Melzu foot masks would be the best choice for your foot care as they are painless and gentle on all skin types.

Melzu foot masks can also serve as a fun gift idea for your friends where you could have them peeling off their foot skin which could be gross but also fun as heck.

This product is truly the perfect alternative to other foot cleaning solutions as it is affordable, safe, easy to use, and provides results in a matter of days.

So if you’d like to get rid of those cracked heels and calluses, you’ll be making the right choice by trying out Melzu foot masks which guarantee nice and amazing results.

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