Kitchen Cube - Measure All Your Ingredients With One Tool

Published on Friday, 7th November 2021

Kitchen Cube

Kitchen Cube is an all-in-one measuring device that saves drawer space, increases organization, and reduces clutter by combining 19 measurement tools in one compact design. This patent-pending tool is perfect for baking, cooking, and more!

How It Works

Kitchen Cube is just as easy to use as any other measuring tool you have in your kitchen drawer right now. It works right out of the box – no assembly required.

It’s small enough to fit in any drawer and packs in measurements ranging from teaspoons to cups. Everything is clearly labeled, so you can quickly find and use the measurement you need with ease.

Say Goodbye To Clunky Measuring Spoons & Cups

Kitchen Cube Measuring Device

Cut down on the clutter in your kitchen with our all-in-one measuring cube with 19 different measurements.

You can use it to measure powders, liquids, and grains with both metric and U.S. measurements.

Measurements Include: 1 Cup, ½ Cup, 1/3 Cup, ¼ Cup, 2 TBSP, 1 TBSP, ½ TBPS, 1 TSP, ½ TSP, ¼ TSP, 120 mL, 80 mL, 60 mL, 30 mL, 15 mL, 7.5 mL, 5 mL, 2.5 mL, 2 m

The Most Convenient Tool In Your Kitchen

Best Kitchen Tool

Easy to use? Check. Easy to clean? Check. Easy to find? Check. We designed the Kitchen Cube to be your kitchen’s simplest, yet most useful cooking utensil – it goes from the drawer to the counter and right into the dishwasher. It’s even microwave safe!

Here’s Why Customers Love Kitchen Cube

Bought it for curiosity, ended up loving it!

First of all I gotta say, I don’t cook much and if there’s something I hate after cooking is having to wash all the bunch of utensils I have to use once I use them. This cube has been amazing, I don’t have to wash a million utensils over and over, it’s very easy to use, easy to clean and it’s very handy to use for when I’m meal prepping for the week. I bought this out of curiosity and ended up enjoying it a lot. If a regular guy like me it’s enjoying it, I’m sure it would be a great tool for people who cooks or bakes in a regular basis.

Super handy

What a great idea. This beats having to fumble around with measuring spoons and cups. Buy one, you’ll be glad you did.

Makes a great gift for family & friends. Discounts available for a limited time.

Kitchen Cube: Cook Faster. Clean Less. Eliminate Clutter

Kitchen Cube

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee